I’m thinking about ways I can develop a remnant of the City Baths install to present at the grad show. I’m hesitant to just make a documentation video, as I don’t believe it can be read as an artwork in itself. I want to think about a residue, something that comes out of the experience rather than something that just documents the experience.

I am enjoying playing with these images in an attempt to capture a visual representation of the experience. There is no way I can translate the actual experience in a gallery. These images are screen grabs from the video documentation, which I have captured with great attention to detail and manipulated digitally. The digital manipulation could act as a way to comment on the floored nature of documentation, how we rely on digital platforms to take a real world experience and preserve it in time. The distortion in the images could be something worth playing with more. I could make them almost unidentifiable, just shapes of colours and form.