9: Concept development FOR PORTAL

Two-channel sound, electronics, wooden plinth, warm water, water drum
No set duration

Submerge your ears and listen. Hydro-Static, a sound portal in a negative space. An intimate listening experience; what sounds within the body of water.

  • A sound portal in a negative space, and intimate listening experience. 

  • Transporting listener to another place. 

  • A direct message 

  • An intimate experience 

  • Soothing 

  • Dream like

  • Warm wash 

  • Lush 

  • Fluid 

  • Meditative 

  • Stop and listen 

  • Encourage slowness 

  • A warm bath 

  • Cleanse 

  • Unknown 

  • Listening as a means of travel 

  • Future, past, present 

  • Time, duration 

  • Musical non-musical 


What if the listeners could lay on their backs? Without fully submerging in the water, listeners could lay on a platform which has a body of water at one end. The head would float into the water, like when you get your hair washed at a salon, bit much more comfortable. 

People could be supplied with shower caps or swimming caps to project their hair. 

One vast body of water with listening stations. People could lie back, others could dip an ear. The water would become and ecosystem of sounds melding together, like something we could discover 

A collective consciousness, or collective listening experience