This week I have been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of doing the install at the City Baths. I think this is a great project that I would love to do at some point, but I’m unsure if this is the best way forward for my research. Is it possible that I was getting carried away with the theatrical element of the install? I’m going to sit on this decision for a couple of weeks while I complete my exegesis and trial presentation (OCT 11). Maybe after the trial presentation things well become more clear, and I will still have time to develop the work which ever way makes the most sense then.


  • - Great space to work with

  • - Good trial for something bigger next year (art and about ?)

  • - Public art work 

  • - Large scale 

  • - Relatively simple install for a really effective presentation 

  • - Will give the an opportunity to document the underwater install

  • - Event based 

  • - Assessors need to be in the water


  • - only allows me to present one piece

  • - Could be seen as a departure from the trial presentation work (Hydro-Static) 

  • - It’s costly

  • - One time thing, will not give me something I can exhibit next year 

  • - Event based 

  • - Lots of room for errors on the day 

  • - Assessors need to be in the water 

  • Cannot transfer easily to the grad show (need to work out residue / documentation )

  • may run over time