4: Water tank trials

Today I’m testing the underwater speakers in a smaller body of water, a fish tank that I had a home (which has been used for a few artworks now). I just wanted to see what the sensation of listening in this way was. Turns out the water is COLD. That made it a little difficult. But the experience is interesting. I think its quite a unique way to listen. I like the fact that you can hear the sounds faintly above the water, but when you submerge your ear, a full range of frequencies and amplitude become available for the ear.

I could battle the cold with a fish tank water heater possibly?

Would need to work out loudness and the amount of speakers needed. Depending on the vessel I use, I think 4 speakers at the most will work. 2 speakers would make the set up more straight forward (stereo).

Dipping my ear into the water made me feel like I was accessing something new, something underneath that I’m not meant to access. Like the sounds of the ocean. Most of those we can’t hear with our naked ear. We need hydrophones and recording devices to capture those sounds. The way that humans hear under water is unique. We hear with our bones, so making contact with the water means that the sound fills our head, not just the ear like sound behaves in the air. It’s an interested sensation. I would also like to work out a way that people can dunk their whole head if they need. But this will require some kind of overflow mechanism. Will need to work that out.