3: Water Tank ROUGH IDEA for an object

Looking at ways to bring underwater sound into the gallery. Playing with the idea of an object-based sound work, using a tank of water and underwater speakers. Listeners would be invited to dunk their heads or submerge just one ear to hear the sounds amplified underneath the water. The work appears as a plinth with a dark body of water inside. The sound can only be heard from within the water. Below is a mock up I’ve made. The work would be a sort of art object, inverted sculpture. the used of the plinth is intentionally there is highlight the fact that it’s difficult to portray sound in a gallery. It’s really difficult to get people to listen to speakers. So maybe there needs to be another ways of grabbing attention, and holding on to it.

Firstly my idea was to make this work out of perspex. However after a few calls around I realised that this would cost upwards of $5k. A nice idea for future though.