6: City Baths site visit 1

I visited the city baths pool today. Some things to think about: 

  • There is a water filter at one end which makes quite a lot of noise. Need to find out if it can be turned off for the install? 

  • Insurance 

  • Risk assessment 

  • Power / 3-phase? 

  • Can we use stalls? 

  • Can we use floating devices? 

  • Do I need extra cabling? 

  • How to attach cables so there are no trip hazards? 

I think the pool is a great size for 8 speakers. Spacing them out down each side of the pool will make sure a really nice sized sound field. This will also give the audience space so people are crammed into the pool. I think I will limit the experience to maybe 5 people for session. 

I’m not sure yet if the work will have a set duration, or if it will work as a continuous loop. I think that a continuous loop might be a better way to go, then people can spend as little of as much time in the water as they like, without feeling like they’re missing out on something. I need to stay sensitive to the fact that some people may not be as comfortable in the water as others. 

For the crit presentation there will be a duration inflicted on the work. So I need to work with this time. I believe there is 20 minutes for experiencing the work, and 10 minutes for the assessors to discuss it and view the archive. I need to think about how this will happen, as I need to be present in the pool for the duration of the booking. It’s possible that the assessors could move into the communal area outside of the pool for the discussion. I could run into problems if things run later. I need to work out a way that there is a buffer for this. My work may take up more time as the assessors will need to get changed etc. Whoa there are lots of things that could go wrong. But I do think that making the effort for a proper showing of this work is worthwhile.  


This underwater sound piece asks a group of collaborators to supply me with what will be inherently rhythmic sounds made from their bodies alone. Sounds will be recorded using the body; a performative collaboration where participants are invited to record the sound of their bodies above water, clapping, clicking, dancing, moving, itching, rubbing, resisting, friction.

What happens when we listen to these sounds underwater? Will participants become aware of their submerged situation, and inability to make these sounds whilst in the work. Their floating position is a trade off for the inability to move without resistance. 

These sounds will be composted and spatialised using 8 - 16 speakers, submerged in a 15 metre pool at the City Baths in Melbourne. Listeners are invited to enter the water fully, and experience the sound work while swimming or floating in the pool.