6: Portal build

An object based sound work, using a tank of water and underwater speakers. Listeners are invited to dunk their heads or submerge just one ear to hear the sounds amplified underneath the water. The work will be a plinth with a dark body of water inside. The sound can only be heard from within the water. I am building this piece for my trial presentation, but it will firstly be exhibited at Stockroom Kyneton next month. Below you can see photos of the build and install into the space at the Stockroom.

There are four main parts to the work:

  • ELECTRONICS: amplifier, water heater, speakers

  • 220L drum of water

  • Platform, needs to hold the weight of water, amplifier is house underneath in waterproof housing.

  • Plinth, sits neatly over the top so the only things we see are the water and one power cable running out the back.


Pool supplies - salt/chlorine/tester kit 

Towels - Kmart? 


Test sound in water barrel

Sort out media players


Drop all equipment at uni 

Go to Found Sound pick up brackets 


1pm - 6:30 Build plinth, sand it 

2pm - meeting with RMIT Creative 

3pm - meeting with Christian


Bring plinth home 

Paint undercoat 

Bounce out sound files 

Finish mixing 

Write blurb for each piece 

Things to take to RMIT: 

- Wood 

- Speakers

- amplifier

- Spare barrel 

- Power cover 

- Heater 

Pack/get organised for early start 

Leave for Kyneton by 10am 

Go to Stockroom first 

Drop all equipment 

Install water piece 

- Fill drum

- Chlorinate water 

- Sort power 


Wood $115.82

Paint $56.50

Power cover $37

Double adapters $13.10

Extension lead $6.93

Barrels $60

RCD $28.90

Water heater $49.10

Speakers $300

Speaker Mounts $49

Pool supplies $81

Towels $52.50

Accom $150


  • Speakers

  • Stands / brackets 

  • Cabling 

  • Media players 

  • Audio interface 

  • Double adapters 

  • Power board 

  • Power cables 

  • Speakers (spares)

  • Paula 

  • Cabling 

  • Heater 

  • Plinth 

  • Barrel 

  • Waterproof power cover 

  • Cable ties 

  • Tape 

  • Tools