I have been developing this idea since last semester. Two single channel (mono) speakers mounted in the space in walk ways, like sound portals or sound fields that you walk through. Audience moves through the space and experiences a different mix of the work at all times. Each speaker has it’s own duration, meaning the composition will never be the same. It will morph and change over time, it will re-sync and de-sync. Sound materials in each speaker will be of a similar palette, but will develop over time in different ways. 

This work transports us to the windy coast of Durban South Africa. This piece uses two speakers looping at different durations to create a generative composition that is always changing.. 


Portal (2018)

Two-channel sound installation 

No set duration 

Two channels of sound intersect and evolve as their two distinct durations loop, overlap and interrupt each other. Sounds from South Africa transport listeners to the windy coast line of Durban. A sonic gateway to another continent.