I’m starting to develop a son palette for the install at the city baths. Thinking about using human gestures using hands and body in order to create the sonic component of this work. This might bring the attention to the body as people listen to these sounds in a pool. We loose the ability to move freely when submerged in water. It could be an interested juxtaposition to listen to dry sounds when submerged in water.

My dear friend Pascal helped me to do some recordings tonight so I can start working on this idea of using skin on skin sounds under water. He is an improv musician, who works in dance a lot of the time. So a really good example of someone who could interpret the idea into sound without any instrumentation. 

This idea could open put further to a collaboration, using the same methods as Blue used in semester 1. I could ask a group of people to provide me with percussive sounds made with the hands and composed them into a multi channel piece for the pool. Through expanded listening I would be able to identify patterns, similarities and differences in the recordings. This could be an interesting cacophonous composition. An immersive and attention grabbing combination of listening environment and material.

When submerged in water the body experiences a feeling of weightlessness, floating in the water that resists and moves around the body to hold it up. The water fills the gaps, moves to envelop the body in a liquid embrace. The water resist our movement, and things seem to happen in slow motion. We need to work hard to move our limbs against the water, to stay afloat, to move forward, to swim.