WK 13 - notes on blue

Blue, a collaborative composition of tape recordings

- Blue is a collaboration facilitated and orchestrate by me; you could see me as an orchestrator in both meanings of the word.

- Blue is about response, it’s a dialogue. It’s about collecting sound materials that narrate an array of subjective replies to the word blue.

- I chose the word blue because is it a verb, a noun and an adjective.

- Blue invites a number of collaborators to submit recordings of sounds they associate with the word Blue. The collaborators are given only one restriction; their response needs to be real world concrete sounds. It can be a performance, or an activation. These responses can be subjective, historical, personal, emotional, clinical, direct, indirection, abstract etc.

- Blue about obtaining a collective representation of what blue can mean in sonic terms. The intention is to explore what happens when many people respond to words through sonic material. Causal or semantic signifiers may provoke sonic responses.

- The work will investigate how different people consider sound material and associate sounds to language or words.

- For the composition/mediation of sound:

Similarities and differences the materials are important when forming a narrative between the sounds, and connecting these responses together. These are identified through intensive listening. The score instructs that I wait to receive all submissions before listening in order to refrain from creating hierarchy. The more we listen to a sound the more we understand it and connect meaning to it. Therefore, all sounds are listened to 5 times in their entirety before I start the composition.

Ways this work could evolve further

-               Collaborate with different people responding to the same word.

-               Collaborate with the same group, responding to a different word, a different colour, or something else. This might become a bit like a study group though

-               Ask collaborators to supply me with words, images or materials which I can then respond to through sound.

-               I could expand the presentation of this work. I could ask more and more people to collaborate and respond to the word blue. There could be multiple narrative, or compositions.

-               Invite others in on the compositional aspect of the work

-               I could be most specific with how I instruct the participants, implying the body and place in a more direct way possibly

o   For example: take a recorder, walk out your front door and step on to the first bus you see. Take the bus to the end of the line, record a sounds until the next bus comes to take you home again…. I mean this is off the top of my head, but you get the idea. More in line with a performative narrative possible. Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit coming to mind.