wk 13 - Trial install notes from yesterday

Trial install today. Went well! Taking speakers home to finish off the mixing. 


Things to prepare for presentation. 

- The role of colour

- Mediation, explain how the composition has been made. The process , what has taken place and why. 

- Lightwave, sound waves, explain this connection? 

- Finish Graphic Score 

- Black light? 

- One sheet description 

- Room sheet 

- Print Archive 


Install eqipment list 

4 x Adam A5’s with power cables

4 x speaker stands

Adam sub 

5 x TRS to XLR leads

Audio interface, power cable, usb lead 

Midi controller, power cable, usb lead 

5 small blue lights 

Black light 

5 chairs (source at rmit)

Laptop x 2 (one for presentation, one for archive) 

3 x Headphones (for archive)

Small table (source at rmit)

Archive materials (print out of blog, collect photographs (folder for these?), documentation, drawings, prints, trays, sound playlist)