WK 9 - compositional ideas / notes

TIME: Opposites 

Sound and vision present opposite but not obvious opposite, or something that’s not representational. e.i. the sound of fire and the image of mud. 

A key turning in an ignition - water / dirt falling 

Some sharp sound, brittle - hearing something fluid 

Foot steps - waves 


Should it be human? Or just a hint of human, the human byproduct or traces of humans. 

humans sounds with images of nature 

Images of humans with sounds of nature. 

Traces of humans 

Getting a little direct again 



Impermanence / instability

Duration: 12 mins (generative / changing) 

2 x loops of different durations constitute different arrangements and are free 

2 x films - the films are synched, but vary in duration. Work out reoccurring intervals - some times they synch, sometimes they don’t. 

2 x stereo sound tracks 

- One has the constant sound of a vessel filling the other of a vessel being tipped out into a larger body of water. 

- Other sounds of water, but also contrasting sounds like dirt/sand falling, wire, radio, humans sounds, street sounds, trains? All audio recordings from site? 

One video is hand held, the other is fixed 

Lots of darkness. Mostly darkness. Using video project as an interruption to the senses 

COULD continue the tray process, the ice melting and being refrozen. 



Light and sound 

2 projections 

4.1 sound or headphones??


As audiences enter the room you can see no technology or objects. It’s a empty space. The lights are turned off it’s pitch black 

Sound composition begins, its material based, voice? 

Opposing images on projections opposing walls / warm block colours with water / nature / industry/ Use and disuse / instability / fragility / impermanence 

Sounds move in opposite spaces to image, there’s disconnection then moments of synch. 

Lots of pitch black with only sound 

Cut to black 

Builds and release 


Is there a measure of time? 

It loops back to the start but it’s not restarting 

Can I make it generative? 

Record the sounds of people in the room but heavily process them? 

Contact mics on the floor 

Not immediately obvious 

Two projectors on the floors, as audience move into the room they may stand in front/ to the side. When projections are activated the audience may block the light. Implicating the body and bringing the audience into the work