WK 12 - Presentation in Week 14

Re-thinking and re-titling my trial presentation work. I listened back to the crit session a few days ago, been ruminating on ways to bring this work together, there were so many things left unanswered. However, I do want this work to remain open.  I feel a lot more grounded in how I can place these works now. The trial presentation helped me to make decisions and commit to things.

This work is about the generation of material through process, with emphasis on time and different states of time. Extrapolating sound, image, object and video from one process and presenting it in different time states is what I am exploring. Distill was the wrong title. I think it needed to be more direct connection to time. Experiencing the work in the space, made me realise, that I was trying to do too much. There was too much material. So, in re-presenting this work I will be editing it. 

Something very interesting I discovered through this trial presentation was the obvious preference of moving image. Everyone was drawn to the projection. However, I think it was the least interesting part of the work. I wanted to play with scale, and projection is an effective way to do this. However, I was not able to properly realise an exploration scale in the conditions of the gallery. It was suggested that I could project the video floor to ceiling on all walls of a gallery. This is something I will look into further down the track. For now I want to experiment with more humble approaches that have a strong theoretical and contextual approach. I want the ideas to be where the work starts and finishes, not the presentation. 

The photographs were ”beautiful images” as someone described them in the crit. I agree, and I got caught up in how theses images looked. The aesthetic value is strong. But again, this is not the intention for the work.

For the presentation in week 14, I will present this work as two pieces.  This iteration is more resolved. Giving the viewer a more direct connection to time, and shuts down possible readings of climate change. Something also discussed in the crit. This work is not about climate change. Details below. 


Two Times

Sound work, headphones ,chair, plinth with perspex tray, water/ice, paper and ink.

Fixed series

Three archival pigment prints.