WK 12 - never real sounds

Some of the things Schafer says in this video are relevant to me. The description of listening is nice. however, much of what he is saying here i disagree with. He implies that less sound is better, that we are "living in a dreadful time" because of the amount of sounds we have in our lives. I see this as the opposite. The industrial revolution, meant that sounds of the world changed. Sounds that people could not have fathomed before became a reality. This is how we have electronic music. I believe this to be a narrow approach to sound, to only be interested in natural sounds. That's not the world we are living in. We can't go back, we can't take the sounds away. 

Sound scape = a collection of sounds. I see s sound scape as a sound montage/collage. Schafer describes the world is a composition, I'm also not sure about this. I think there is a difference between a creatively built composition, and the real world. Maybe that comes from my agnostic point of view. I mean, if you believe in a creator then maybe you can believe that the world is a sound composition. 

Sounds commit suicide? Seems a really extreme way to describe this. I think one of the most beautiful, intangible and exciting things about sound is the fact that sounds are completely temporal. A sound will always have an end. This is the nature of the sound, not the fault of the sound. 

I do like the way the Schafer has highlighted the representational aspects of sound recording. The technology behind the work. I think this was one of the most interesting things that Schafer, Westerkamp etc did. They draw attention to the technology in order to point out that what we are hearing is not the sound itself, but a recording of that sound. However, my view on this goes further to say that recorded sounds of the real world are nonrepresentational, because they are not real sounds. they are recordings. 

I really like his hat.