WK 12 - Blue Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman, Blue 1993

I had the idea to project the colour blue onto a projector screen as a direct visual representation of the colour blue. I then found this film from 1993. The film is dealing with very different ideas to my work. Interestingly it was made as Jarman was losing his sight, as his body degenerated from aids towards the end of his life. The way that sound behaves in the film is quite amazing. Blue is imagined in different ways, the word it explored in numerous ways. The Blue flashes in his eyes as his sight begins to deteriorate. The film is narrated. These explorations are through words not sound. There is a narrative here, the story unfolds throughout the work. It’s not a happy story. It’s hopeless, sad and heartbreaking. A story of a man coming to terms with dying. Feeling utterly sick in pain and constantly losing more and more of his health. “How do I walk away from this?”. Repeating the names of friends he has lost to aids. 

“Friends that are dead or dying, a blue frost “

“My pen chased this story across the page, tossed this way and that in a storm”

As you stare at the blue screen, the image changes. It’s like your eyes are trying to make forms within the block of colour. 

“The blood of sensibility is blue.”