WK 12 - audio sketch one

Here is a combination of two submissions, from Mark Mitchell and Blaise Adamson. Some good moments as these sounds intersect and juxtapose each other. I've not done a whole lot to these recordings, listening to them thoroughly, and just panned them to occupy different spaces in the mix, then put them together to see what would happen. Watery sounds so far. 

Blaise provided some text as well: 

"It’s hard to stay away from the instant visual associations of the word blue for example the sky or the ocean (arguably though the sea is also green), it is also hard to stay away from the emotional connotations, sadness, melancholy. When I read the word, I generally associate sounds of water splashing, a swimming pool precisely, as blue is the colour of the tiles enhanced by the reflection of the sky, so really, I don’t associate the word with what is ACTUALLY blue. I hear the sound of a deep still ocean on a clear day. 


The sample I am providing is a recording of ocean water lapping up against rocks at Eastern Beach in Geelong."