WK - 12 Listening: Relevant Sound artists / works

John Grzinich - Listening in Context (2014)


Stijn Demeulenaere - Listen to me (2014 - ongoing)


Christina Kubisch - Electrical Walks


Toshiya Tsunoda & Civyiu Kkliu


Janet Cardiff - The Missing Voice 1999




This guided sound walk experience, plays with participatory processes inviting listeners to take a journey through East London guided by the voice and sounds of Janet Cardiff on a previous walk of the same path. Alongside environmental sounds of the city and people inhabiting the space, we hear woven narratives as this detective fiction mystery unfolds. There is a cinematic quality to this work, with introduced sound design and sound effects to generate a controlled experience on the walk. There is play between the real and the unreal, reality and fiction as some moments ground the listeners in the moment, and others imagine another world and another time.

Cardiff makes note of things are the work progresses, visual things mostly, colours, space, directions and textures. She also describes events and objects which happen on her walk. The narrations is aimed for the listeners ears alone, this is a solitary journey. This work is directional, and allows Cardiff to have quite a bit of influence and control over the way the work is experienced. Recordings switch between tape dictaphone recordings and well produced environmental recordings. Further questioning reality by introducing manipulation of time, past vs present.

There is another layer as we hear Cardiff recite histories and stories from what appears to be her own childhood. Although we can’t know if these stories are true, as our sense of reality is some what compromised during the work. An ominous male voices infiltrates the narrative, introducing backstory and character building elements to help the listener move through the narrative with more ease.