WK 11 - Methodology

My research methodology operates in two discrete modes; outward enquiries and inward reflexive responses. These two modes inform and complement each other non-hierarchically, providing the basis of a critical engagement with my work and the materials and ideas that I am investigating.

Outward enquiries are explored through active listening, fieldwork and collaboration. I practice active listening when collecting materials; in experimentation, composition, mixing and editing; and during installation and presentation. This produces detailed understandings of sound material and informs how audiences might experience my work in space. Active listening is integrated with fieldwork, to better understand cultural and historical contexts of place. I engage in unmediated “field listening” to comprehend sounds outside of a technological framework (Lopez 2017). While the majority of this research is conducted individually, collaboration also informs aspects of the project and opens the work to different perspectives and narratives. By delegating roles and sharing responsibilities, collaboration provides an opportunity to explore more complex presentations of my work.

I employ a reflexive methodology during studio work, to critically arrange and index materials. I form connections and extrapolate meaning from materials by listening, writing, documenting, archiving and experimenting. I engage critically with relevant theoretical reading, with an emphasis on current writing particular to sonic art practice, and relevant historical and philosophical texts.