WK 11 - email invitations sent today

Dear friends, 


Thank you for agreeing to contribute some sound recording to this new work I’m making.


If you don’t know already - I’m currently studying BA Fine Art Honours, specialising in sound and spatial practice at RMIT. As part of my research I am investigating the relationship of sound and image, with specific focus on imagined sound responses. The research also has a strong focus on listening and constructing environments to encourage a focussed listening experience for audiences.  


Attached is a PDF outline and instructions. If you have any concerns or questions please let me know. 


Deadline for recordings is Saturday May 26th, but please send through as early as possible or as soon as you have your response.


Again thank you, and I’m really looking forward to listening to your responses. 






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Thank you for expressing interest in contributing sounds to this new work, which is yet to be titled. Below is the bones of the project, without giving too much away as I want to capture an immediate response to the word. Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing sararetallick@gmail.com or calling +61408630103. I am currently in Melbourne (UTC/GMT +10 hours).




Key words and your response: 

You will receive a separate email with key key word. 


What sound do you think of when you first read the word? If that word had a sound (distinct from the verbal pronunciation) what would it be? You can be direct or indirect. You can be non-representational or representational. It’s completely up to you as to how you respond. 


Some things to consider: 

- Please use real world sounds. Field recordings or sounds of real things. These can be performative, but not instrumental/synthesized.

- Please be respectful of other people when collecting material. If you record the voice of another person please seek their permission. 

- Have fun with it, and don’t labour on it. 

- Recordings to be between 1 minute and 10 minutes long.

- Recordings to be raw; completely unedited or processed. 


The recording: 

This is an investigation into meaningful responses, not slick tech. So don’t get caught up in technical abilities. Use your phone or your zoom, or whatever you have access to and feel comfortable with. .WAV files are great if you can supply, otherwise mp3 is fine. 


How to supply the file: 

Please attach your recording and reply to the email containing the word. If you need help with this please let me know. 


Your role: 

You will be credited for your contribution, and I will inform you of any future public showings of the work. If you choose, you can also remain anonymous. I see you as a collaborator, not just a material source. Your thoughts and input are welcome at any time.  


The work: 

Once I have received these recording, I will use them to create a sound composition which also responds to the key words. The composition will be presented (to an academic panel) in an installation setting using unique listening environments. I will send more details about this as things progress. 



I am trying to keep things simple and easy for all involved. However, because we are in trial stages there is no framework for this yet. Thank you again for being eager to be a part of this. I’m excited about what we will make together.