WK 11 - Yoko Ono - Grapefruit 1964

Event scores, instructional, mindful, cerebral.... Linking this sort of instructional score to my idea of collecting sounds from collaborators/participants. Things exist in text, but maybe don't need to exist in reality. After the Drew's lecture on Art and Language this week, I have been thinking a lot about the role of language in this new work. Possibly need to do some reading around semiotics, or language in art. Where does the word sit in the work? what is the role of the visual? Does the word stand in for the visual? What does it mean when you present a work as a print / painting / sketch / projection? When does the word start to shift meaning in the visual realm? Thinking about imagined sound, we can also play more with ideas of displacing words in the visual sense as well. HOWEVER, this may be getting off track.

Good to think about the role of the score. I think including a score in this work is a nice way to incorporate my instructions without the need for a didactic explanation.