wk 5 - who's water is this?

  • Who’s water is this? 
  • Take samples of water from various sites and ask the question : who’s water is this? 
  • The sample includes materials from the site
  • The sample and the water are frozen in a shallow vessel with a piece of water colour paper at the bottom. 
  • During the exhibition the ice melts and eventually the water evaporates. Highlighting both global warming and the risks of draught. 
  • Asking the question - who’s water is this ? brings up narratives concerning water politics, ownership, use, finality, possession, dispossession, indigenous history and colonial history. 
  • Also highlighting a question of identity and the abstract idea of water ownership. 
  • The work to be experienced with noise cancelling ear muffs / headphones to encourage listening through silence. 
  • There could be an accompanying photograph of site. 
  • The use of water colour paper - colonial impressions of Australia. 
  • We are left with a remnant once the water is dissolved. This remnant could then be photographed. 




Follow the complex journey of our drinking water. 

Limited public access in order to maintain clean water 

Water system / veins 


Storage (5years) 

Movement/ manipulation/management