wk 4 - maps walking google earth

Yarra screen shot

The start of the Yarra to the end is 139KM and would take 31 hours of walking. 

Maybe I walk it! 

And document it in my own way. 

How better can you get to know a river than by walking it’s entire length. I could do it in sections. Sometimes overnight where I could camp, sometimes not. I could invite other artists to come with me. 

There would be difficulties involved in walking the Yarra. The River runs through private property, and I image there is no track that runs the entirety of the river. 

The technology and infrastructure that will get in the way is interesting to me. It almost represents the colonised obstructions put in place to stop indigenous people from doing a thing as simple as walking on Country. I could start from the city. Have the wilderness as a goal, I probably won’t make it that far. 

Does this represent the act of an explorer? 

Thinking of the work of Michael Hoepfner http://www.michaelhoepfner.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/lie-down-get-up-walk-on.pdf

Janet Cardiff sound walks http://www.cardiffmiller.com/artworks/walks/index.html

the act of walking - what does walking mean? 

  • Protest
  • Health 
  • Exploring 
  • Touching nature
  • Stillness
  • Breathing 
  • Transport
  • Mediation
  • Walking artist