WK 7 - Impermanence | Systems | Time 

My impulse to relate things back to site is possibly not where the interesting work is coming from right now.  I have been connecting things too directly. Using photographs of site, in water from site - there is a loss of poetry.

These three words I have written above are becoming more and more relevant. This work is not necessarily about site - but a system that can be used to interrogate site. And that is my aim this year. To work out ways in which I can interrogate site and history in a poetic way. 

So without directly using materials from site - I can still highlight ideas of impermanence and time in relation to site, things can be more indirect which is refreshing. But using the ice, the melting process and capturing this process in time through multiple photographs, I’m talking more to the system and process of the work than directing it to site and history. Site and history are fundamental navigating properties of my work, but they don't have to be explicit in the work. 

Time through process is where I am aiming to explore. Extrapolating more and more material out of one thing. The photographs are documents, but they are also distilling time, replicating, changes and reproducing the object. 

Sound is a part of this. This same technique of taking a small fragment and extrapolating it can be extremely important when using sound. Digital processes in sound can do dangerous, but useful. Thinking of this same process in the form of sound. To take snap shots and expand them in time sonically. The process of ice freezing, the sound of ice freezing, is it possibly to grab and elongate / freeze the sounds at certain points in the piece. Drawing, yes a direct, connection to the visual element of this work.