WK 6 - wurundjeri land council

Today in our Research as Creative Practice lecture, we were visited by two really great indigenous artists, Megan Cope and Yhonnie Scarce. Was an honour to hear these two artists speak and I left the lecture feeling uplifted and excited about possibilities. 

I need to acknowledge that Megan Cope has a work this is using very similar techniques to this ice investigation. It can be found here: https://thisisnofantasy.com/exhibition/finalist-redlands-art-prize-2018/. She described the work to us to demonstrate how work can be unsaleable in some circumstances because of the process or nature or performative aspects of the work. I think we are operating in different ways and discussing different things, but it is a similar idea. 

A really important idea that came out of these talks, again is was something Megan said, was the thinking of site and how one can operate on the Country that belongs to other traditional owners. As an indigenous artist it was really important to hear Megan talk about this. She state that she would find it inappropriate to install a permanent work on land that does not belong to her family, without the permission o. And I agree wholeheartedly, that if any kind of site specific. 

This idea of using site, and representing site from a colonised position is something that has really grabbed my attention. I am thinking about ways that I can explore and extract materials from site, while being respectful and engaged with traditional owners and their wishes. 

I contacted the Wurundjeri land council today to seek permission for this project https://www.wurundjeri.com.au/contact/

Aboriginal History of Yarra: 


Thinking about paving a part of a floor with ice, accompanying with photographs from site. The photographs are details, they do not represent the site in itself, but the water as site or non-site. An image of the surface of water, is different to an image that includes the banks of the river, the sand on the beach, the trees or the sky under which it lays. Capturing an isolated part of site, means that we can divorce the context of the water from the water itself, and think about it as material, as a mass of fluid which will in the end flow into itself. It was always flow back into the ocean. In this way, all water on earth is connected, so the actual site where I gather this water is not necessarily the most important thing, but the water itself is important.