wk 3 - Nets / traps

Thinking about ways to explore the fluidity, the density and ever changing nature of water. 

What is the nature of water? 

Along the lines of fishing with nets, I wonder if I could concoct some kind of net that allows us to draw meaning from the Yarra and it’s contents. A net that used fabric and microphones to capture fluid materials. Thinking along the lines of Vibla Galhortra’s Sediments (2015) where she collected the sediment from a dead river Yumana in India and used it to paint on canvas. It could be a duration work, I could set the nets in the Yarra over night or for days at a time. 

The idea of using nets is problematic though in regards to indigenous histories. But also rich in historical context both from an indigenous perspective and a colonial one. I’m not meaning a woven net, and the net will not be designed to catch anything living. I want to leave the living things that still exist in the Yarra in the Yarra. But it’s possible by using a frame, something like a canvas dipped into the Yarra, left for a certain period of time might have interesting results. Visually and aurally, I imagine a smell would also be prominent.

Different parts of the Yarra would be presented in different ways. I could map it to a certain extent. Representing different intersections of the river, and it’s contents. We can’t see below the surface, and we certainly can’t hear below the surface. 

Like a dip dye. 

Could also use an underwater video camera. 

It would be like the Yarra become the performer.