wk 1 - Water + Wisdom Symposium 02/03/18

Water + Wisdom Symposium

Matthew Currell, RMIT Senior Lecturer, Hydrogeology & Environmental Engineering

  • 2010 - farmers/irregators burning the basin plan. Farmers were unhappy woth the plan to take water out of the Murray Darling Basin to put back into the environment
  • 2019 - Murray Darling Basin Plan comes into effect 
  • 4 corners report on non-compliance with the plan http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/pumped/8727826 
  • http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-08/nsw-water-theft-barwon-darling-government-prosecuting/9527364
  • Mega Dams
  • Creation of a later market, water going to highest value users
  • Social inequity, passing the burden of draught to your downstream neighbours, (Sue Higginson)
  • Richard Kingsford, Ecologist UNSW
  • Wentworth Group of Concern Scientists http://wentworthgroup.org/
  • Carp, Herpes virus > could cause black water evens also may jump species through small mutations 
  • Mick Woiwood - Corranderrk Station https://www.mickwoiwod.com/coranderrk-why-the-truth-should-be-
  • Carmichael Coal mine, 
  • Journal of Hydrology 

Vibha Galhotra, Conceptual artist http://www.vibhagalhotra.co.in/

  • • COACH Artist organising, river conservation 
  • • Belief and reality, indigenous connection to the river, Ceremony in polluted water
  • • Cycle of contamination 
  • • Engaging a conversation about environment through the object 
  • • Mirror image of water and landscape 
  • • River maps 
  • • Ground water contamination though rubbish dumps / landfill 
  • • Beautifying the pollution to get people to notice
  • Acceleration of the anthropocene, elemental exhibition, breath by breath, cans of air???, 
  • CLEANSING > video of a person cleaning a plant that had been left in a polluted atmosphere
  • TIME SYMPHONY OR COCOPHONY >Sound work, ether, everything come back
  • REMAINS >Fabric dipped in the river and set in resin 

Parineeta Dandekar, Coordinator, South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People


N'Ahweet Carolyn Briggs

  • Indigenous language specialist and Boonwurrung Elder
  • Role of water 
  • Water meaning
  • Impact of colonisation 
  • Water conservation from Indigenous perspective 
  • Importance of seasons 7 seasons 
  • - Summer Bullarto y’ 
  • - Autumn Marmiu 
  • - Winter - Perrin (No More Sun) 
  • - Early Spring - Muyan 
  • True Spring - Pareip (Grand ngargee)
  • Waa - Black Raven, protector of waterways
  • Boonwarrong Foundation 
  • Colonisation in India, privileged > poor within the country 
  • Flow is the meaning of river 
  • Ganga is the biggest river in the world
  • 12000 Million litres of sewage every day 
  • Diverse fish living in areas when community is in touch with the river 
  • Ground water is ungovernable 
  • Foaming lake caught fire in India 
  • 63% of sewage is untreated
  • Is hydropower the greenest????
  • Water diversion meaning no water flowing, cutting off the river 
  • Dams in Himalayas are problematic to communities, with hugely fluctuating water levels each day. 
  • Traditionally art shows the celebration of water 
  • Art reflects a living system
  • Celebration of floods/stories/songs INDAS 
  • Rivers as a symbol for conflict dividing nations 
  • Step wells were tattooed on people’s hands and were owned and managed by communities 
  • Water ceremony 

Aunty Di Kerr - Wurundjeri

Carmel Wallace

  • Mungo > Future portal 
  • Lake Condah
  • Bugin Eel System 
  • Story rises project 

Judy Watson

  • Lawn Hill Grange - Great Arteasian Basin, underground water 
  • Listen Springs 

Rueben Bourke

  • Water for Country 
  • Aquaculture in Warnambool over 6000 years ol 
  • Vic Environmental Water Holder 
  • Benefits of Floods 
  • Water management 

Ros Brant - Stack (question)