Composing With The Environment

 Acoustic Ecology / Eco-Acoustics / Soundscape Studies

The study of the relationship between humans and their environment mediated through sound.

Watch R Murray Schafer - Listen

Schafer R M, 1977, The Tuning of The World, Knopf Publishing, USA.

Sonic Artefacts

Bernie Krause

The Great Animal Orchestra online archive

The Great Animal Orchestra exhibition

Wild Sanctuary

Krause, B, 2012, The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places, Profile Books, London.

Douglas Quinn - Weddell Seals (Underwater) (1998) 19:44

Sound Cities Project (2000 - ongoing)

Sound Walks

Hildegard Westerkamp - Soundwalking (1974) - text / instrurtsuction / individual

Binghamton Historical Soundwalk Project Collection (2014 - ongoing) - digital / community / crowdsourced / archive

Soundwalk Collective with Jesse Paris Smith Ft. Patti Smith - Killer Road (2016) 4:19 - Narrative / oral history / connection to place

Janet Cardiff - The Missing Voice Part 1 (1999) 14:03 - The Whitechapel Library London. More info

Composing with the Environment

“Field recordings, especially those produced in Western environments, present a very specific idea of what “nature” is, something that is opposed to the social. I am entirely averse to upholding field recordings as representations of a real “nature”, because how they are framed, and the stories they tell, are always highly classed, raced and gendered; they are always based on histories of capital and colonisation, and this is partially why some sound theorists/ artists, like Holly Ingleton, are suspicious of them.”

Anja Kanngieser from interview with Jez Riley French (Engraved Glass Publishing, 2017)

Jana Winderen - Aquaculture (2011) 17:53 from Energy Field EP (Touch Label)

Barry Truax - Island (2001) 19:00 from Islands

Jaqueline George - Insect Party (2017) 1:00 from One Minute Symphony vol. 1


Annea Lockwood - Jitterbug (2007) Graphic Score

Performance by Annea Lockwood, William Winant, Fred Frith (2017) 39:55

Joyce Hinterding - Aeriology (1995) installation

Environmental Awareness

Leah Barclay - Rainforest Listening (2015 - ongoing)

Timothy Morton - Dark Ecology (2016)